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Complaints Management and Dispute Resolution Procedures –
Embedded Networks

These Complaints Management and Dispute Resolution Procedures apply to a tenant who is
supplied and sold energy by a QIC entity in a shopping centre in Queensland, New South
Wales or Victoria that is managed by QIC Global Real Estate (us).

These Procedures document a process by which you may raise concerns and complaints with
us regarding matters associated with our supply and sale of energy, and set out a framework
for those concerns and complaints to be appropriately addressed and resolved.

How to raise a complaint with us:

We recognise that you have a right to raise a complaint with us at any time.

If you have a complaint, you may raise this complaint either by phone or in writing (email or
letter) with the Centre Management team at the shopping centre to which your complaint

Contact details for the Centre Management team will be available on the shopping centre’s

What we will do when we receive your complaint:

General Principles:
We are strongly committed to addressing any complaints received by us in a fair manner and
within a reasonable time frame.

All persons who make a complaint will be treated in a professional and respectful manner.

There are no fees or charges associated with you making a complaint or requesting
reasonable information in relation to your complaint.

Complaints by Phone: If you make a complaint over the phone, our Centre Management
team will endeavour to obtain all information that is relevant to your complaint and resolve
your complaint during your phone call. If your complaint is not resolved during this phone
call, we will make a record of your complaint and consider your complaint in accordance
with our internal procedures.

Written Complaints: If you submit a complaint in writing, you will receive an
acknowledgement of the receipt of your complaint from Centre Management. Your
complaint will then be considered in accordance with our internal procedures.

Further Information: If we require further information from you to consider your complaint,
we will contact you and request this further information.

If We are Unable to Deal with Your Complaint: If we are unable to deal with all or part of
your complaint, you will be advised of this as soon as practicable.

Status Updates: If you would like an update on the status of your complaint at any time, you
can contact Centre Management.

Responding to Your Complaint: Once your complaint has been considered, we will respond
to your complaint in writing as soon as practicable.

Escalation of Your Complaint: If you are not happy with the way in which we are dealing
with your complaint, you can ask for your complaint to be escalated and we will escalate
your complaint internally to a more senior staff member in accordance with our internal

What are your options if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint after
escalation with us?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you may also contact the
following organisations in your State who may assist you to deal with your complaint:


New South Wales


Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland

Telephone: 1800 662 837


Address: Level 16/53 Albert Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000


Energy and Water Ombudsman New South Wales

Telephone: 1800 246 545



Address: Reply Paid 86550, Sydney South NSW 1234

Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria

Telephone: 1800 500 509



Address: GPO Box 469, Melbourne VIC 3001

Personal Information:

When you make a complaint with us, we will collect the personal information that you
provide when you make your complaint. This may include your name, phone number, email
address and other contact details that you provide to us. The personal information that you
provide to us will be used to manage your complaint, and to contact you in relation to your
complaint. Your personal information may be provided to our contractors who assist us to
manage the sale and supply of energy by us, to the dispute resolution organisations listed in
these Procedures and to any relevant regulators. Your personal information will be
managed in accordance with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and our
privacy policy, which is available at

Updates to this Procedure:

These Procedures may be updated from time to time, in response to regulatory changes and
otherwise. Changes to these Procedures will be notified to you or published on the
shopping centre website.